How it Works for Parents

Hi! Welcome to Our Sitter List Nashville. We are so excited you are here.

Ideally, we would all find our babysitters by word of mouth, from friends we rely on or family members who know us and our children well. But all too often, friends only have a couple of go-to sitters, and we're hesitant to ask for their names. Or, once we've found a reliable childcare provider, we dread the day when she graduates from college or "outgrows" babysitting, knowing that will mean another exhaustive search for someone new. 

But what if you had access to a sitter list filled with pre-screened candidates, who you could hand-pick based on the profiles provided, after reading reviews from families they've worked with? 

Whitney Schickling and Karly Hart, founders of Our Sitter List Nashville, thought that would be just dreamy, so they decided to take matters in their own hands and make it happen.  

Our Sitter List Nashville is the only babysitting resource in Nashville that personally interviews each sitter candidate. We also guarantee that each sitter has been background* checked and reference checked. Additionally, we encourage all of our babysitters to become CPR and First Aid Certified.

* Babysitters still in high school have not been background checked.

We do all the homework for you.

We ask all of our babysitters to the highlight the following on their profile:

  • Experience with child food allergies
  • Willing to do overnight babysitting
  • Willing to travel with families
  • Available for semi-permanent/permanent placement
  • Newborn experience
  • CPR certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Infant Newborn CPR Certified
  • Willing to care for sick kids (i.e. common cold, stomach bug, etc…

If a babysitter cancels last minute, then she must notify us immediately and we will find a replacement sitter for you.

Still have questions? Check out the babysitter’s individual profile where you can read feedback from Nashville families, some of whom you may know! 

Babysitting Rates

  • 1 child @ $11/hour
  • 2 children @ $12/hour
  • 3 children @ $14/hour
  • 4 children @ $15/hour
  • More than 4 children will be an additional $1/hour per child

We take all the work out of finding exceptional Nashville sitters! Join now and see how easy it is to find a sitter with the click of a button.

Package Options

Parents pay a one-time application fee of $45. Parents will not be able to use the site until approved by the founders. Application processing will be completed with 36 hours. Please contact us at if you need your application expedited.

  • 12 month membership for $24 per month
  • 6 month membership for $32 per month
  • 3 month membership for $38 per month

Our Sitter List LLC Expectations

  • I will lay out my clear instructions for the babysitter.
  • I will adhere to the hourly rates referenced above.
  • Babysitter will provide own transportation to and from. I will not provide transportation.
  • All sitters found through should be booked through the Web site.
  • All sitters should be booked through, not through calling or text messaging.
  • I will do my best to reserve 24 hours in advance. (Last minute sitters are available, but families are encouraged to book as far in advance as possible.)
  • I will provide positive and/or negative feedback to
  • I will contact Whitney or Karly immediately if any issues arise with a sitter. Please contact as at