How it Works for Sitters

Hi! Welcome to Our Sitter List Nashville. We are so excited you are here.

Babysitting is a great way to make a little extra money, but sometimes it's hard to find families to babysit for, the work is sporadic, or long-standing, reliable work comes to a quick close when families move or their needs change. 

Our Sitter List Nashville is here to make the work of finding consistent jobs easier by connecting great sitters with caring, reputable families they know they can trust. 

Our Sitter List Nashville personally interviews each parent candidate. We also guarantee that if there is any parent member we don’t know, we will ask for references.

We also pre-negotiate the babysitting hourly rate for you.*

Babysitting Rates

  • 1 child @ $11/hour
  • 2 children @ $12/hour
  • 3 children @ $14/hour
  • 4 children @ $15/hour
  • More than 4 children will be an additional $1/hour per child

*If you desire a higher rate, please discuss with the founders. We are open to discussion.

How Much Does it Cost?

Sitters pay a one-time application fee of $25.

You then will need to have the following check out in order for us to approve you to our site:

  • Pass background check**
  • Fill out application which includes 2 references
  • Meet one or both of the founders

Why do we charge you to join our site? We are different that other sites because we check your references, interview you and perform a background check on the front end. By doing that, we make it easier for you to find sitting jobs, because parents know they can trust our process. The $25 you pay here is an investment that will bring great returns in consistent babysitting jobs.

**The only exception is those babysitters still in high school.

Our Sitter List LLC Sitter Expectations

  • I will adhere to the hourly rates referenced above. If a higher rate is desired, please discuss with either Whitney or Karly.
  • I will respond to babysitting requests within 3 hours of receipt of said request. (sooner is a plus!)
  • I will be on time to my babysitting jobs.
  • I will provide my own transportation to and from.
  • I will dress appropriately.
  • I will not use profanity.
  • I will adhere to the children’s parents’ requests regarding eating, napping, television time and other schedules.
  • I will not drink alcohol or smoke while children are in my care, custody and control.
  • I will keep my schedule updated.
  • I will refrain from using my mobile phone, tablet or other device while children are in my care, custody and control.
  • I will support Our Sitter List LLC by reminding families to book all sitting jobs through
  • If a family contacts me for a sitting job and was referred by a member of then I will refer that family to the website.
  • I will keep the house where I am sitting tidy.
  • I will contact Whitney or Karly immediately (at if I need to cancel a sitting job.
  • If I am not 18 years of age then I will seek consent from a parent or guardian.
  • I have read and accept Our Sitter List LLC “House Rules”.